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We want to bring a greater level of integration to our family of products across console, PC and simulation. We felt that time and resources would be best spent focusing under a single brand and creating a range of products that matter most to gamers.

While we’ll be retiring the ROCCAT brand, many of its iconic product lines like the Vulcan, Kone, Burst and Sense will transition under the Turtle Beach brand. Our commitment to PC products remains as strong as ever and we have several ground-breaking new products to introduce as well as Turtle Beach-branded versions of popular existing ROCCAT products sticking around.

The same expert tech teams that have been supporting ROCCAT and Turtle Beach remain intact and can be reached at Tech Support. Also, for easy access to quick product information, we’ve merged into one Support Site for ROCCAT and Turtle Beach products.

Turtle Beach Customer Support, who have also handled ROCCAT orders for years, has you covered and can be reached here.

We got you, please click here for Returns.

ROCCAT social channels will remain focused on PC gaming products and culture but will be rebranded under Turtle Beach PC. Easy peasy. Keep following and stay subscribed, lots of great stuff to come!

ROCCAT branded products will still work with Swarm. We have an all-new Swarm II debuting in Spring 2024 for new Turtle Beach-branded PC products as well as for select ROCCAT-branded products (which will also carry on with Turtle Beach branding). Admittedly this can get a little bit confusing, so please visit our DOWNLOADS page for the specific software and/or app details of your product.

We hope these FAQs have been helpful. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact us. Our team is ready to assist you.

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